Research Outline

High-End Textile Industry


To provide an analysis of the global high-end textile industry with a further breakdown of the industry by region. The analysis will include:
1. Market sizes
2. Competitor landscape
3. Customer demographics
4. Trends

Early Findings

Preliminary research found that an analysis of the high-end textile market is not available.

Global Textile Industry

  • The size of the global textile market in 2021 is about $1,041.8 billion.
  • The Asian Pacific region has over 47.6% share of the market.
  • "The demand for textile in North America and Central and South America is likely to witness promising growth over the projected period owing to the rising demand from sports and apparel and home-furnishing textile products."
  • The market is expected to grow at a steady growth rate of 4.4% from 2021 to 2028.
  • Key players in the industry are BSL Limited, INVISTA S.R.L., Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd., Paramount Textile Limited, and Paulo de Oliveira, S.A.
  • Increasing demand for natural fibers and shifting focus toward non-woven fabrics are some key trends in the global textile market.

Summary of Initial Findings

  • Preliminary research did not find market reports specific to the high-end textile industry. However, expanding the scope of this research found related markets such as the high-end bed and table linens market that have been pointed out here.
  • Therefore, we expanded the scope of this research to cover the entire textile industry with the following proposals below.