Research Outline

B2B Marketing During Covid-19


To provide a high-level overview of leading B2B companies, specifically those in the areas of tech, financial services, and healthcare. For each company, the following should be provided: how they are communicating in the virtual age through COVID, how they are marketing through and since the onset of COVID, and how they are driving leads. Additionally, to provide best practices for B2B companies trying to engage with businesses via marketing, content, and communications.

Early Findings

  • During the initial research, we identified 10 of the top B2B companies in the health, financial services and technology verticals. This was achieved by selecting B2B companies from the Fortune 500 list. In doing so, our team aimed to select companies that are mostly B2B companies as opposed to those that are mostly B2C companies. For example, although Apple is a top technology company on this list, they are primarily known for their B2C contributions and therefore they were not included in this list.
  • For each of the 10 companies identified, we have added a description of the company and data showing they are a top company (high revenue) in their category. This data has been added to the attached spreadsheet.
  • As part of this initial research, we have also filled in the requested information about IBM, which has also been added to the attached spreadsheet. Additional research needs to be conducted in order to continue filling in the spreadsheet for the remaining companies.
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