St. Joseph's College Competitors


Develop a competitive analysis of competitors of St. Joseph's College and provide any digital advertising or digitally available printed creative created by the competitors within the past year.

Early Findings

St. John’s University

  • In the advertisement database, Moat, 361 creatives from St. John's University appear.
  • They include a variety of digital ads ranging from several years old to presently active.
  • The university has 20 ads on Facebook, the majority of which are circulating currently.
  • St. John's University has run eight TV ads since 2014. The most recent has been airing since 2019 and has run 33 times nationally.

St. Francis College

  • In Moat, 143 creatives from St. Francis College appear.
  • No presently running ads appear in the database, but there are several from the past year and beyond.
  • The college has 10 ads currently circulating on Facebook, the oldest of which is from January 2019.
  • The iSpot database has one TV commercial aired by St. Francis College.

CUNY Brooklyn

  • In Moat, 49 creatives from CUNY Brooklyn are available.
  • Brooklyn College does not have any ads on Facebook.

CUNY Queens

  • CUNY Queens has 123 creatives available on Moat, although few of them were circulating in the past year.
  • Queens College has run around 55 ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, the majority of which are currently circulating.
  • The university's brand guidelines and logo formats are available on this website.

Manhattan College

  • Moat has 161 creatives published by Manhattan College.
  • Manhattan College has 4 ads circulating on Facebook in January 2020.
  • ISpot has one TV commercial run by Manhattan College, but it last aired in December 2017.

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • On Moat, 54 creatives from the school are available.
  • On Facebook and Instagram, John Jay College has run 8 ads, all of them currently active.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
In our preliminary research, we searched the Moat database, Facebook Ad library, and iSpot database for advertising materials from five of the 17 colleges and universities in the given list. We recommend continuing our research by searching for advertising materials from the same sources. For each database, we will describe how many are currently circulating, have circulated in the past year, and a general overview of the kind of content presented in the ads. Furthermore, we will identify, when possible, any external agencies that the institution partnered with for marketing campaigns and metrics for the success of their marketing campaigns.
Alternatively, we could search for successful case studies of advertising campaigns by universities or colleges in the New York area. For each case study, we would identify the school, the method of execution of the campaign, and metrics for the success of the campaign.
Other: You tell us how to proceed.