Hispanic Americans & Craft Beer


Identify the customer journey for Hispanic-Americans aged 21-39 to purchasing a product and becoming a brand loyal customer. Highlight any insights specifically relating their purchase decision factors for craft beer.

Early Findings

Craft Beer

  • Some beer brands are targeting Mexican American consumers by highlighting the beer's connection with Mexico. This can reach the larger Hispanic American audience as most Hispanic Americans, no matter their country of origin, can find similarities with Mexican culture.
  • Hispanic Americans account for 21% of weekly craft beer drinkers, meaning they have not adopted the craft beer trend as readily as other consumers.
  • One reason for this may be that Hispanic American consumers do not feel they know enough about craft beer to try it; "54% of Hispanic Millennials say they would try it if they had more information on it."
  • Hispanic American beer drinkers enjoy "strong, bold flavors" in their beer.
  • Craft beer brands can court the Hispanic American consumer by marketing beers specifically to Hispanic Americans, for example by using Hispanic artists to design beer labels or Mexican phrases as beer names or taglines.
  • Additionally, craft breweries are encouraged to target this demographic on social media.

General Customer Journey Insights

  • Hispanic Americans pay more attention to digital ads than other consumers.
  • 53% of Hispanic American consumers utilize customer reviews on the internet prior to making a purchase.
  • Many Hispanic Americans also consult internet reviews in real time while in the store prior to making a purchase.
  • Brands can inspire customer loyalty with Hispanic America millennials by appealing to their unique culture.
  • 59% of Hispanic American millennials state that their culture highly influences their purchasing decision and the same percentage seek out brands that acknowledge their unique culture.
  • Additionally, this consumer is highly influenced by influencer marketing on social media, especially with Hispanic American influencers.

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