Latino-American Marketing Trends


Gain an understanding of Latino-American marketing trends, with a focus on what content and marketing tactics have been the most successful at targeting this audience.

Early Findings

Expanding Digital Content

  • Brands are attempting to reach Latino millennials by expanding their online and digital content.
  • This includes focusing around Latino interests in online content related to food, culture, beauty, sports, and politics.

Targeting Gen Z

  • Brands looking to focus on Latinos are aiming at the growing Gen Z demographic.
  • This is because this younger generation has a large percentage of Latinos and Hispanics. In fact, 1 in 4 people under the age of 18 are Hispanic.
  • Latino Gen Z’ers are more likely to buy online products, and make purchases more often than white and African Americans in the same age group.

Latino Influencers

  • Messaging that speaks to Hispanic and Latino consumers typically reflects their values and cultures, so brands are using Latino influencers to do communicate this.
  • Influencers that are bilingual, and trusted by this audience tend to be effective, as word of mouth is effective marketing strategy.
  • Video content from influential Latinos tends to be of high impact.

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