HJ Competitive Analysis


To learn about the following competitors of HJ (Herff Jones): Jostens, Balfour, Walsworth, Churchill, Oak Hall, and Picaboo by finding the required information including products, services, pricing, ownership structure, social media presence, e-commerce cabilities, and entering it into the attached spreadsheet.

Early Findings

  • Jostens is identified here.
  • Jostens maintains 13 administrative, manufacturing and research facilities that employ over 3,500 regular employees. The company also employees varying amounts of seasonal employees at different plant locations throughout the year. Jostens also hires independent sales representatives, but doesn't disclose how many.
  • Balfour is identifed here.
  • Balfour maintains more than 10 facilities and employes over 1,200 employees.
  • Walsworth is identified here.
  • Walsworth Yearbooks is identified here.
  • Walsworth maintains five facilities in the US. The company employs more than 675 employees who have attained Master Printer of America status.
  • Churchill is identified here
  • Churchill maintains one facility that employs over 100 employees.
  • Oak Hall is identified here
  • Oak Hall mainatins four sewing facilities and warehouses, employing over 450 people.
  • Picaboo is identified here.
  • Picaboo does not provide a number of employees on its website. The company's LinkedIn profile page states the number of employees falls in the range of 51-200.
  • The number of employees for each company has been entered into the attached spreadsheet.

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