Extracurricular Activities of Parent and Adults


To understand the market size and demographics for the following:
1. How many adults take extracurricular classes for themselves? How much are they spending on this or on their hobbies?
2. How many adults are taking date night classes? How much do they spend?
3. How many adults take group fitness classes for themselves? How much are they spending?
4. How often do they spend time on their hobbies/interests/activities?
5. How much do parents pay for (non-school) extracurricular classes? Where do parents find these classes?
6. Do parents take family (parent + kids) classes? How much do they spend per month on these? Where do they find them?

Early Findings

Recreational Physical Activity Markets

  • The US recreational physical activity market was $264.6 billion in 2019.
  • According to the Global Wellness Institute, expenditure on participation in recreational physical activities and supporting products and services in North America was around $1,345/participant in 2019.
  • The fitness market in North America was $40.5 billion with a 29% participation rate in 2019.
  • "The GWI estimates that 3.7% of the world’s population are members of gyms or fitness studios, take independent fitness classes regularly, or work out in public facilities or on their own, spending $384 per participant yearly. Within the wider fitness market, 190 million people spend money on memberships/training at commercial gyms and studios, generating $83 billion in annual expenditures".
  • "Another 58 million participate in fitness classes at public and nonprofit venues that cost much less or nothing. Twenty-eight million people subscribe to on-demand and streaming fitness services online or via apps."

Parents and Millennials

  • US millennials (45 %) and parents (42 %) are more likely to cite a desire to experience excitement and adventure as a reason to visit their local parks. Some reasons people visit their local park and recreation facilities include wanting to learn a skill or craft (11%) or (for parents) to have someone care for children while at work (3%).
  • A survey of American adults found that millennials are more likely to visit a swimming pool/aquatic center (32%) or take part in classes or other activity at a local recreation center (21%).
  • The same survey noted that parents are significantly more likely to visit a swimming pool/aquatic center (40 %) or take a class/lesson (20%).


  • A report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that men (21%) were more likely than women (17%) to participate in sports, exercise, or recreation.
  • In terms of hours spent engaged in leisure and sports activities for ages 15 and older, African Americans spent the most time with 5.73 hours spent, followed by Whites (5.28), Hispanics (4.82 ), and Asians (4).
  • Married couples typically spent an average of 4.88 hours on leisure and sports activities.


  • For the initial hour, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible.
  • We were able to find some insights on general expenditure on participation in recreational physical activities and supporting products and services in North America as a whole as well as some global statistics on spend. We also found more general statistics on some activities that parents and adults (millennials) engage in along with other demographic information. Finally, we also found how often some groups participate in sports, exercise, or recreation activities.
  • Statistics on the total number of parents or adults who engage in recreational/extracurricular classes as well as their total spend on these classes, did not appear immediately available in this search.
  • In the course of our research, we came across more general information on the overall crafting industry, as well as more general insights on US outdoor participation, which might also be of interest.
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