Research Proposal

Holiday Season: Consumers' Shopping Behavior


To gather 5 – 7 insights about the shopping behavior of consumers during the holiday season in the U.S.

Early Findings

Shoppers Need Inspiration

  • 10% of U.S. shoppers in McKinsey's survey did not have a budget for the holiday shopping in 2019. They would've done well with help from retailers.
  • Other concerns for U.S. shoppers were about not knowing what to buy, crowds and queues, being unable to find products, finding what they need in time, not enough time, delivery delays and too many options.

Buying decisions

Early browsing

  • 35% of consumers in the U.S. would go holiday shopping before the end of October, 44% November 1 -15, 64% November 16 – 30, 69% December 1 – 15, 51% December 15 – 30 and 3% January 2020.
  • Consumers intended to start browsing for holiday gifts prior to Thanksgiving.
  • Salesforce found that 83% of shoppers wanted to shop in-store.

Researching Return Policies

  • Consumers are interested in the return policies of the stores they purchase gifts from. Over 50% have a preference for those that are hassle-free and clearly-stated.
  • Just less than half of the shoppers who bought gifts or received gifts in 2018 returned one or more of those gifts.

Premium Products

  • Consumers gravitate to premium products in the holiday season if they are related to a good cause, especially women under 45 years.

Eco-friendly Purchases

  • According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, consumers might gravitate to eco-friendly companies when making purchases (e.g. bioClarity)
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