Home Goods Customer Journey


Gain an understanding of the customer purchasing journey for people buying furniture and lighting goods online, via sites like Blu Dot, Casper, Joybird, Article, and Schoolhouse Electric Supply

Early Findings

  • The beginning of the furniture store is online for 60% of consumers, with only 40% beginning in a physical store.
  • 20% of US consumers have bought furniture online and say they would do so again.
  • The online portion of furniture sales is mostly for price comparison and exploring options around cost and style, with only a small percentage making purchases at the initial website visited.
  • Websites tended to support people visiting physical locations, with many in-store visitors bringing information they found online with them to the store.
  • Online reviews greatly shaped the consumer's path to furniture purchase, with reviews on retail and brand sites the most influential.
  • One challenge for online shoppers was the large quantity of options, and decision fatigue when trying to decide the right option.
  • Millennials used online furniture shopping for the ability to build custom furniture, but were also more likely to visit physical stores than older consumers.

Proposed next steps:

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