Research Outline

Home and Lifestyle Companies Sustainable Practices


To provide an understanding of how home and lifestyles companies have successfully integrated sustainability and social responsibility values into their business model (e.g., sourcing, icon systems, dedicated web pages, and company specific metrics), and how this has been conveyed to customers. Brands to be considered should be chosen from Patagonia, IKEA, The Citizenry, or West Elm, and 2-3 other brands.

Early Findings

Why These Companies?

  • The brands chosen for this study of sustainable and socially responsible home and lifestyle companies are IKEA and West Elm as suggested by the client, and Made Trade, Coyuchi, Boll and Branch, and Under The Canopy. In each case, the company chosen has a system in place to signal to customers the sustainable or socially responsible nature of the products being sold.
  • Made Trade was chosen based on its place on this list of 12 sustainable home decor brands, along with West Elm and The Citizenry.
  • Coyuchi, Boll and Branch, and Under The Canopy were chosen based on their inclusion on this list of best places to buy sustainable home decor in 2021.

The Companies

  • Boll and Branch is a fair-trade certified retailer of bath and bedroom products.
  • Coyuchi is a bed. bath, and home decor company that operates under a circular initiative in the sale of its products.
  • IKEA is a large global lifestyle brand that has committed to the use of sustainable materials, plant-based foods, and renewable energy.
  • Made Trade is a sustainable lifestyle brand that retails products that were ethically produced.
  • Under The Canopy is a sustainable home decor brand that is certified for several sustainable production standards.
  • West Elm is a lifestyle brand that is also certified for sustainable production standards.


  • During the initial hour of research, the focus was placed on identifying home and lifestyle companies that meet the criteria of being sustainable and socially responsible brands that deploy icons and who communicate this status clearly to their consumers.
  • The research team has identified Boll and Branch, Coyuchi, Made Trade, and Under The Canopy, to supplement IKEA and West Elm. As directed by the client, two of the companies (IKEA and West Elm) were selected from the options given.
  • We propose to continue the research by providing case studies of these companies that focus on their sustainable practices, as well a brief review of the best practices being pursued by brands that intend to adopt a sustainable and socially responsible stance.