Water Filtration Methods


What is the best water filtration method for each type of toxin: pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. Water filtration methods include things like reverse osmosis, charcoal, etc. Additionally, what is the most cost effective way to make a reasonable improvement in overall water quality? And what is the most effective way of obtaining the cleanest water possible if cost was of no concern?

Early Findings

Best Water Filtration Method for Pesticides

  • Both reverse osmosis and granulated activated carbon (GAC) filters are capable of removing pesticides from drinking water.
  • According to Murtaza Sayed of the University of Peshawar, the use of advanced oxidation processes is considered among the most efficient techniques for removing pesticides from water.

Best Water Filtration Method for Chemicals

  • Filters that use activated carbon, bone char, and ion exchange are all noted as effective methods for removing chemicals that have been dissolved in water.
  • These types of filters are effective because they are able to cause changes to containments in untreated water that allows the filter to trap the contaminants thereby removing them from the water supply.

Best Water Filtration Method of Heavy Metals

  • Academic experts have suggested that reverse osmosis, filters composed of DFK (degration fluxion kinetic), filters that contain charcoal cartridges, ion exchanges, activated carbon filtration and distillation are all key methods used to filter heavy metals out of water.

Most Cost-Effective and Highly Functional Water Filtration Method

  • According to insights published by Henrik Andersen of the Technical University of Denmark, using granular activated carbon is among the "simplest and safest solution that is also at a reasonable price."
  • According to insights published by Engineering for a Change, ceramic filters, bone char filtration, slow sand filtration, bamboo charcoal filters, solar sterilization, and solar distillation are among some of the lowest cost water filtration methods.

Most Effective Water Filtration Method Regardless of Cost

  • Although experts seem to agree that the most effective water filtration largely depends on the specific water contaminants, overall, view points shared on this topic seem to lean mostly toward reverse osmosis and plasma water sanitation as the best overall methods of filtering water, especially when filtration methods are used in combination with other methods, such as combining reverse osmosis with the use of activated carbon filtration.

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