Finding the Best Water Testing Company


To establish how to find the best water testing company.

Early Findings

Contact EPA

  • EPAs Safe Drinking-Water has a Hotline that gives a great guide to finding the best local water testing agency. Through EPA, one can also find a local lab that specializes in water contaminants.
  • Local labs are a great way to test water professionally and identify specific contaminants. The National Testing Laboratories also offer customized water testing services such as testing for residences, testing bottled water and tap water in commercial sites.


  • Finding the right water testing company can be confusing and overwhelming. However, Google can be of assistance as it has a database that has certified water testing companies or professionals, in a given locality.
  • To make the best of Google search services, type “test my water” +zip code and the search engine will yield testing facilities within one’s locality.
  • Finding a local professional is advisable as they already know some of the common contaminants to look out for in a given zip code or locality, for both private and public water systems.


  • Looking for the most recommended water testing companies in the neighborhood is a great way of finding professionals. In case of any recommendations, it is always advisable to find a water testing company or professional that is affordable as professional water testing can be expensive.
  • Some water companies give a free testing service. Free tests, however, are not the most reliable as most of the companies that give free water testing always have a motive such as marketing their treatment plans, and this may prompt conflict of interest.

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