Research Proposal

Hometowns Foods


The goal is to create a company profile for Hometown Foods and three of their brands: Pillsbury, Funfetti, and Hungry Jack. This information will be used to put together a presentation on these companies.

Early Findings

  • Hometown Foods has an estimated revenue of $440 million.
  • Hometown Foods owns the following brands: Pillsbury, Funfetti, Hungry Jack, Jim Dandy, Martha White, and White Lily.
  • The company was founded in 2018 and immediately acquired some of the above brands from the JM Smucker Company.
  • The Pillsbury product list include many products such as frozen and refrigerated biscuits, pizza crusts, cookie dough, and Toaster Strudels.
  • Some potential competitors of Pillsbury include Rhodes, Betty Crocker, and Jiffy Mix.
  • Pillsbury has over 4.5 million followers on Facebook.
  • Hungry Jack offers specialty pancake and waffle mixes. Some products include Belgian waffle mix, Funfetti pancake mix, gluten-free mixes, and chocolate chip pancake mix.
  • Hungry Jack products appear to be most widely offered in Kroger-owned stores across the nation, as well as Walmart.
  • Funfetti tends to market through new product designs and packaging. Some examples include their new Strawberry cake mix and their Galaxy cake mix.
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