Research Outline

Trends: Australian Homesware Market


To provide a psychographic analysis of young buyers in the Australian homewares market and identify consumer trends. This research would be used for a market strategy.

Early Findings

We analyzed more than 5 media articles by credible publishers including Satterley, Real Estate (Australia), Homes to Love, Finder AU, and the Home Show. We picked one common consumer trend that was talked about in all articles repeatedly. We've presented the trend in the research below.

Consumer trends in the Australian homewares market

Trend #1: Brass and metallic element

What is the trend?
  • In the home decor segment of the Australian homewares market, consumers' preferences for the home decor products are now leaning towards pastel colors coupled with warm brass and gold elements.
  • Homeware products with metals such as brass, copper, and rose gold have become very popular in the past year.
  • Brass accessories from brass bedframes to tapware has become one of the top choices of Australians for their home decor this year.
Why is it a trend?