Research Outline

Competitive Landscape: Australian Homewares Market


To provide a competitive landscape of the top 10 brands (Kmart, IKEA, Myer, Target, Big W, House, Harris Scarfe, David Jones, Woolworths, and Bunnings) in the Australian homewares market in order to use this information for a market strategy.

Early Findings

1. Kmart Australia

Overview of the company:

  • Kmart, established in 1969, is a departmental store chain operating in Australia and New Zealand with over 230 stores in both countries.
  • It is headquartered in Mulgrave, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • The company offers a variety of general merchandise and fashion products at cheaper prices.
  • Kmart Australia operates as a subsidiary company of Wesfarmers Limited .


  • Kmart product offerings include merchandise such as kitchenware, appliances, home entertainment equipment, furniture, toys, sport & recreation supplies, clothing, footwear, home improvement products, health & beauty products, books, stationery, pet supplies, jewelry & watches, electronics, games & DVDs, and garden supplies.


Target market

Research Strategy

We were unable to find Kmart's homewares segment revenue in specific. We applied our first strategy by looking for the official annual report published by Kmart. However, we were unable to find Kmart's annual report in this one-hour research. We were able to find the annual report of the parent company, Wesfarmers, in this research. We analyzed the full report to see if there is any segment-wise presentation of Kmart's revenue. We were unable to identify the homeware revenue with this strategy. We were only able to find the group's revenue.

Our second strategy was to look for credible media articles and third party revenue estimate providers to find Kmart's homewares segment revenue. However, we were only able to find the total revenue information of the company.

We also tried triangulating the revenue generated by Kmart's homewares segment by finding the percentage share of Kmart's homewares sales or a similar metric to calculate the revenue amount. We were unable to triangulate the numbers due to a lack of information on the variables required for the calculation.

Hence, we have provided a total revenue of Kmart in the research above.