Research Outline

Honey Market


You are interested the global market size of honey ranked by type, its growth, and countries it is most consumed in.

Early Findings


  • The global market size for honey in 2018 was $7.7 billion. It is predicted to reach $10.3 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8%.
  • Some of the major key players in the global honey industry are "Barkman Honey, Golden Acres Honey, Steens Honey, Rowse Honey Ltd, Capilano Honey, and Dabur India."
  • The global market size for organic honey is currently $500 million. This figure is expected to be $910 million by 2024 at a CAGR of 10.4%.
  • Europe has a 39% share of the organic honey market while North America has a 31% share.
  • Some of the main manufacturers of organic honey are Dutch Gold, Nature's Nate, Rowse, Barkman Honey, and Langese.


  • By type, the global honey market is segmented into alfalfa honey, wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, acacia honey, clover honey, and others.
  • Organic honey is segmented into mixed organic honey, manuka, clover, and other.


  • India has the highest number of beehives while China has the highest production volume of honey.
  • Central African Republic, New Zealand, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, and Austria are the countries that consume the most honey.
  • The US, Germany, Japan, France, and the UK imported the most natural honey in 2018.