Connecticut Town Liveability


To find the liveability of several Connecticut towns.

Early Findings


  • A new regional plan announced new bike and pedestrian paths for Norwich.
  • The area also already has several trails that showcase the area's rich history.
  • The city recently received $400,000 to improve downtown Franklin Square to improve traffic and pedestrian access.
  • Resident reviews of Norwich call it a "very connected city", and apparently the downtown area is being slowly revitalized.
  • Another resident cites walking the waterfront is very nice, with lots of docks and restaurants overlooking the marina. There is usually live music on all weekends of the year, and new art galleries, cafes and restaurants seem to be opening all the time.
  • The local newspaper showcases the many events in Norwich. These include theater performances, festivals, parades, galas and more.
  • Norwich unfortunately does not have many parks, but it is close to Stoddard Hill State Park and not a far drive from the coast.


  • Milford reportedly contains lots of bars, restaurants and coffee shops with a"dense suburban feel". It is ranked #4 among suburbs for young professionals in Connecticut.
  • The town has a big urban mall for those who like to shop, but it also offers easy access to the beach or rural areas for outdoor activities.
  • Its beaches are clean, and they are called accessible for both residents and visitors. It boasts 14 miles of shoreline, more than any other Connecticut town.
  • In addition to its beaches, Milford also has 8 parks, 24 playgrounds, indoor recreation centers and nearby state parks. Also close by is Connecticut Audubon Society's Coastal Center.
  • One report even named Milford the best place to live in Connecticut.
  • The town is actively working to improve the pedestrian experience. Their most recent initiative saw new signs added to key areas.
  • There are plenty of bicycling and road running clubs and organizations in the area.

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