Hospitality Industry - Trends


Identify the current and future trends in the hospitality industry for 2019 and 2020 holiday seasons to put together a holiday activation at a hotel rooftop as well as a 2020 hospitality plan.


Hospitality Industry - 2019 Trends:

  • Voice technology : The integration of voice technology or Interactive Voice Renegotiation (IVR) in the hospitality industry may still be in its early stages, however that hasn't stopped hotels from exploring the possibilities of the technology. Hotels are looking at utilising smart speakers and allowing guests to make simple voice commands to make requests.
  • Food and beverage innovations : Food and beverage innovations are Mostly being influenced by millennials. Millennials are blurring the lines between formal and casual dining; they want quality food at affordable prices. Diners want experiences when they eat, open-fire cooking and visually pleasing dishes that are Instagrammable - that's what young travellers want.

Hospitality Industry - 2020 Trends:

  • Smart and individualised room: Besides picking the characteristics of the room, guests will have high-tech features like the ability to control the lights and air-conditioning with their mobile phone. Furthermore, rooms are going to have minimalistic design instead of traditional bulky furniture.

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