Research Outline

Hospitality Technology Landscape


To determine how guests make requests in interactions with the hospitality industry in order to create a market map of the involved companies.

Early Findings

At the Beginning of the Stay

  • Guests often have questions and requests before their stay begins and one way to manage these requests is through a mobile app.
  • For hotels, mobile check-in or a lobby kiosk check-in option can improve guest experience by decreasing wait time. According to Trip Advisor, 34% of travelers want their accommodation to provide a mobile check-in option.
  • The inefficiency of the check-in process is a top complaint among guests.

During the Stay

  • During high tourism season, guests tend to make more requests from the hospitality industry.
  • Of US consumers, 64% would like to use texting to make requests in the hospitality industry, and 49% want to use mobile devices to communicate with hotel employees.
  • Hotel guests often make requests about the cleanliness of their room by calling the front desk. Addressing these complaints requires direct communication between the front desk and housekeeping.
  • Another common request from hotel guests is for a replacement key to their room. One way to manage this request is by implementing mobile key technology, as used by Hilton and Marriott.
  • Many guests also complain that requests take too long to resolve, and one way that hotel manage this issue is by using a property management system to streamline communication, log requests, and remind employees about various pending actions.
  • Businesses in the hospitality industry are increasingly using chatboxes to respond to customer requests quickly and at all hours.
  • One way to minimize guest requests is by developing ‘smart rooms,’ which combine artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to offer guests more control over different aspects of their accommodations.
  • Some hotels are now including tablets in hotel rooms so that guests can place requests order room service, and communicate with hotel employees, among other things.

At the End of the Stay