Research Outline

Army Service Members - Accommodation Financing


To understand how housing for army service members is organized by looking at how financing for on-base or off-base accommodations is arranged. The ideal response will include examples or cases from the United States and other countries.

Early Findings

US Army

  • Military housing is generally provided for all US army service members "whether they're living on or off base."
  • The accommodation of army service members "varies by rank, location, and family situation." US Army service members typically live on-base and off-base.
  • Almost all new military "recruits typically start their military careers living on base." On-base accommodation is free for army service members as this kind of accommodation is paid for by the government.
  • Army service members who live off-base are given a basic allowance for housing (BAH) which they can use to pay for their rental fees or mortgages.
  • There's also a privatized military installation housing which "allows military members and their families to live in a home built and maintained by a private-sector company." The US Department of Defense "has invested in privatized military installation housing in the last couple of decades." Army service members can live in this housing and use their BAH to pay for their rent and utilities.

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