Competition Price Tracking CPG/Retail


To gather information about how retailers and CPG companies track competitors' pricing. This includes the budget they spend on this activity, and the names of companies that provide this price tracking service. The information will be used to understand the competitive pricing data market for retail and cpg.

Early Findings

How do retailers and CPG companies track competitors' pricing?

  • Wal-Mart uses computer programs to scan prices on competitors’ websites. These competitors prices are then used to adjust Wal-Mart's listings.
  • The company uses a variety of tools to track competitors' prices.
  • WalmartLabs, Wal-Mart's technology unit, is the structure in charge of gathering these prices from competitors.
  • Amazon has reacted by blocking the programs used by Wal-Mart for a few weeks, resulting in Wal-Mart obtaining the data from secondary sources during that period.

Cost of Price Monitoring Software

  • The cost of price monitoring packages varies depending on the product and the plan:
  • Prisync's professional plan costs $59/month for 4 price updates/day, and includes the tracking of 100 products.
  • Price2Spy offers a variety of premium plans from $39.95/month for 100 product URLs to $999.95/month for 50,000 product URLs.
  • Repricer's ultimate plan allows to track an unlimited number of product prices for $379/month.

Which companies offer service(s) that provide retailers or CPGs with competitive pricing info?

  • Netrivals is a company that can provide competitors’ price monitoring as a service to retailers.
  • PriceManager is another company that provides a price monitoring solution to be used by retailers, manufacturers and partners.
  • Competera also provides price tracking and monitoring services.

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