Acoustic: Competitive Analysis, Demographics, Psychographics


To understand the competitive landscape of Acoustic and the demographics and psychographics of their consumers in order to pitch an advertising and marketing campaign.

Early Findings

After our background research on Acoustic, we gained insights into their competitive landscape, consumer demographics, and consumer psychographics. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Acoustic Competitive Landscape

  • The Forrest Wave report very recently recognized Acoustic as one of two key leaders for Cross-Channel Campaign Management. The other key leader who was recognized was SAS.
  • Other competitors of Acoustic who were recognized in this report as being strong performers were: Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and SAP.

Acoustic Consumer Demographics

  • Acoustic has a global presence that includes consumers of a variety of nationalities beyond the US from more than seventy countries with regional teams currently focusing on Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Acoustic consumer communities include some specific occupations of business analytics, data science, and data management.

Acoustic Consumer Psychographics

  • Acoustic appeals to tech-savvy marketers who value Artificial Intelligence (AI) products.
  • Acoustic attracts consumers who have an attitude of being tired of mediocrity and want to "unleash brilliance" in their work.

Proposed next steps:

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