CowParade Financials and Marketing Strategy


To determine available financial information for CowParade, and an in-depth overview of its marketing operations, distribution, and strategy. This information will be used to inform new client relations.

Early Findings

Our initial research indicates that financial data on CowParade is limited, as it is a private US entity. Branding operations are done in-house, and our research discovered no indication that CowParade contracts with a third-party marketing agency.


  • CowParade was registered as an LLC from 2002 to 2012, at which point their business registration expired. There is no indication that the company is currently registered as a non-profit. As a private entity in the US, the company is not required to publicly disclose any financial information.
  • Our research did not discover any SEC filings or other financial reports in the public domain. Third-party business profilers estimate its revenue at less than $1 million, with an employee base of less than 10.
  • The exhibit's primary financial function is to raise money for non-profits through auctioning the cows.


  • CowParade's director of operations, Ron Fox, is also the brand manager for the exhibit. Fox is one of the founding members of the brand concept, and has been active with CowParade throughout its existence.
  • For major exhibitions, like the 2014 Got Milk Cow Parade exhibit (in collaboration with the California Milk Processor Board), CowParade creates a unique online presence specific to the event. For the Got Milk Cow Parade, the exhibit had a website ( and unique Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • Cow Parade Austin archived website can be found here.

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