Kirobo: Competitive Landscape


To understand what companies like Kirobo have similiar or different solutions for having a backup for wallets without having to share a private key and have a smart contract as a wallet with no seed by gathering data about: what phase each company is at, how much they have as an investment, estimated userbase, business model, how long they have already been running. (or if launched, for how long their product has been in the market)

Early Findings

Our background research on companies like Kirobo who have similiar or different solutions for cryptocurrency security revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:


  • Kirobo is "developing a blockchain based Safety-net to protect crypto assets from being lost or stolen." This blockchain solution will "prevent loss of cryptocurrencies, no matter the cause, whether it’s due to loss of wallet access, robbery, or death."
  • Nash, Exodus, Jaxx, and GreenAddress are competitors of Kirobo.
  • Nash "uses a system of state channel smart contracts to handle trades, and the system is currently live on the Ethereum and Neo blockchains."
  • Exodus offers "a relatively safe cryptocurrency wallet for daily use" with backup features without having to share a private key.
  • Jaxx has a "blockchain wallet" that does not require sharing access to a private key. However, Jaxx still uses a backup seed.
  • GreenAddress is "one of the most secure digital currency wallets on the market" and does not require sharing a private key.

Research proposal:

Only the project owner can select the next research path.
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