Research Outline

SDDHelp Overview


To provide a company overview of, including information about the revenue, gross margins, unit economics, company structure, clients, and the number of employees.

Early Findings

  • Information about, and the company that owns and operates the website, Good Deeds Services, is very limited. Good Deeds Services is a private company, which means it is not required to publish financial reports (which can be used to determine revenue, gross margins, and unit economics). Additionally, the company is a new company, founded in 2018, which is likely the reason why information about the company is not publicly available. Some information that could be gathered about the company and its services is presented below.
  • The website is owned and operated by "Служба добрых дел" (Good Deeds Services), a Russian limited liability company based in Moscow.
  • The Good Deeds Services company started as an internal technical support division of the ESET antivirus company in 2017. However, the team grew quickly, and began to provide technical support not only for ESET, but also for its individual customers. The team decided to branch off ESET and to create a standalone company, the Good Deeds Services company, founded in January 2018.
  • The company employs a remote team of technical service engineers that are professionally certified by ESET. Eight of these engineers are listed on the company's website.
  • According to LinkedIn estimates, the Good Deeds Services company employs between 11-50 people, out of which 9 currently have a LinkedIn account.
  • Denis Mateev is the founder and CEO of Good Deeds Services. He is also the founder of "Цифровой Базар" (Digital Bazaar), a software, content, and services distribution company he founded only nine months after starting Good Deeds Services.
  • Like most startups, the company structure of Good Deeds Services appears to be pretty flat, judging by the positions of its employees that have a LinkedIn account. Mateev is the CEO. A business development director heads the sales team and reports to the CEO. Additionally, the company appears to have people working in customer service, digital marketing, and software development positions.
  • Good Deeds Services primarily operates a remote-based technical/IT support service. The service is based on a subscription model, and the price is determined according to the number of devices. The cost of a 1-year subscription for one device is 2,490 RUB ($36), 3,490 RUB ($50) for three devices, and 4,490 RUB ($65) for five devices.
  • For the annual subscription, clients receive the ability to place an unlimited number of technical support calls during the year. The technical issues are solved in 45 minutes on average, and customer support is offered 24/7. Good Deeds Services claims that it has resolved 5,321 problems its customers have had with their devices.
  • The devices that the company works with include laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, household appliances, smart TVs, and Internet of Things (IOT) devices.
  • Good Deeds Services claims to be able to resolve most typical IT issues that represent a problem for its clients. Some of the services the company offers include computer acceleration, computer diagnostics, Wi-Fi router setup, virus removal, and computer setup services.
  • In addition to the standard subscription, the company also offers one-time online support for 990 RUB ($14.3), and an on-site visit of a computer specialist for 2,990 RUB ($43.3)
  • The company also offers technical support services to small businesses. However, judging by the customer testimonial section of the website, most of the company's clients are individual users.