California and Texas Allergy Clinics Continued


To locate allergy clinics in California and Texas that focus on allergy triggers other than food, and provide sublingual immunotherapy. This research will be a continuation of a previously completed research. For each clinic, the following information will be provided in a spreadsheet: Name of clinic or physician, website link, number of doctors, clinic locations, contact information (phone and/or email), services provided, pricing (where available), SLIT Availability, pricing for SLIT (where available) and sources.

Early Findings

  • From the previously completed research, it was established that California had an estimated 214 allergy clinics while Texas had about 140 allergy clinics.
  • The previous research identified 15 allergy clinics in California and Texas whose details are provided in the California and Texas tabs of this spreadsheet.
  • The Allergy Center at Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat is an allergy clinic that provides a number of services including sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). The clinic's website is here. The clinic has four doctors and four locations that cater to allergy patients. The clinic's telephone number is (916) 736-6644.
  • The details of The Allergy Center at Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat have been entered in the 'California' tab, row 17 of this spreadsheet.

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