Research Proposal

Greater Gift-Social Media


To identify the size of Greater Gift's social media audience as well as their activity level, the quality of their engagement and the types of content they post on social media and how that content supports their stated mission.

Early Findings

  • Greater Gift's mission is "to express gratitude for the heroic work of clinical trial contributors and raise awareness for clinical research by saying Thank You to every clinical trial volunteer and every clinical research professional through a donation of a life-enhancing gift to a child."
  • Greater Gift's Facebook page, which has 671 followers can be found here.
  • One recent post on their Facebook page encourages people to volunteer for clinical trials in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. It also highlights their Voice campaign, which tells the stories of clinical trial participants. This supports their mission by bringing attention to the importance of participating in clinical trials and celebrating people who have done so.
  • Greater Gift's Instagram profile, which has 233 followers, can be found here.
  • A recent post on the organization's Instagram profile celebrates women in the clinical research field and encouraging others to donate vaccines or meals in honor of a woman they know in clinical research. This post supports their mission by highlighting women in clinical research and encouraging others to honor them.
  • Greater Gift's Twitter feed, which has 620 followers, can be found here.
  • An example of a recent post by the organization on Twitter celebrates people who are donating to health care workers during the Coronavirus outbreak and commits to donating vaccines to children in need in honor of each person who reports their donations to Greater Gift. This post support the mission by celebrating those giving back in healthcare and making donations in their honor.
  • Greater Gift's LinkedIn profile, which has 448 followers, can be found here. The recent content on this profile is duplicates of the other social media posts mentioned above.
  • Greater Gift has a YouTube channel, but it only has three videos posted and the most recent was over a year ago. Therefore, this social media outlet does not seem pertinent to an audit of the organization's current social media efforts.
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