Andrew Marks


To obtain background information on Andrew Marks, including how the financial world sees him.

Early Findings

  • Andrew Marks is currently the Head of EMEA Distribution, Managing Director at Artisan Partners UK LLP.
  • He joined the institution as the Managing Director, Artisan Partners UK LLP. At the firm, he is charged with the responsibility of business development and client servicing in all non-U.S. markets for the firm’s Global Equity strategy.
  • He is also responsible for the coordination of local support in the EMEA region for all other Artisan Partners’ strategies.
  • Before joining Artisan, Andrew had worked for ten years at T. Rowe Price Group, where he was served as Director, Head of Client Relationships, U.K. & Ireland, with responsibility for the firm’s institutional direct and financial intermediary relationships.
  • Andrew Marks has functional experience in the areas of management of sales, client service, and marketing teams to support international business growth - from start-up through to later stage expansion; operational planning (fund vehicles, share classes, fees); and board-level engagement and reporting.
  • According to Dean Patenaude, Artisan Head of Global Distribution, Andrew Marks is one of the most experienced marketers in the industry.

Summary of Early Findings

  • During the first hour of research, we mostly found information about Andrew Mark's career.
  • Not much information is available on how he is seen in the financial world.
  • We, however, believe that with more hours, the research team will be able to conduct a more in-depth search to fish out the needed information.
  • Please choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose further search to provided a detailed overview of Andrew Mark's background, education, career, and some of his notable achievements in the financial world.
We also recommend more in-depth research provide 5-7 insights about how Andrew Marks is seen in the financial world. This should be based on expert opinions on Mark's capabilities, skills, and notable contributions in the financial world, including whether he is considered influential and successful as an expert in the financial industry.