Faizcy H. Profile


To understand Faizcy H.'s credibility and reach to determine if he could be a potential investor.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to provide insights into Faizcy's credibility. In order to do this, we looked into his past work experience, education, skills and endorsements, recommendations, and accomplishements. Below is an overview of our early findings.

Work Experience

  • Faizcy started as a Communications Manager in 2003 for Virgin.
  • He then changes directions and opened Lumley's Fine Art in 2004, that he still owns today.
  • In addition, starting in 2016, he became a gallery director for private clients, which he still does today.


  • From 1999-2002, Faizcy attended London College of Music and Arts where he obtained a degree in Media, the Arts and Advertising.

Skills and Endorsements

  • From his LinkedIn profile, we found that 17 people endorse his business development skills.
  • In addition, 16 people endorse his television skills, and 15 people endorse his new business development skills.


On his LinkedIn profile, Faizcy has been recommended by one of his peers who praises his "dedication, attention to detail and precise communications".


  • In 2002, Faizcy was awarded as President of The Artists Academy .
  • In 2001, he was given the Captain of The Year award for a sports team at The London College of Music.
  • In addition, in 2001, he was the President runner-up for the student union at The Londong College of Music.
  • He also has worked on a project for London Couture published by The Victoria and Albert Museum by contributing pictures.

Proprietary Research

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