Research Proposal

Huawei in Canada


To analyze the organization Huawei, its competitive landscape in Canada, and the perception of Canadians towards Huawei in order to understand how to best communicate and educate Canadians on Huawei's importance and value within the Canadian tech/telecom space.

Early Findings

As we completed our background research on Huawei, we gained insights on the organization, competitive landscape, and perception of Canadians. Here are some key pieces of information we found:


Company Analysis

  • Huawei is an independent, privately owned company that offers information and communication technology (ICT) and is 100% employee owned.
  • Huawei has never had a major cyber security incident and can also offer a "30-year track record of safety and security."

Competitive Landscape

  • The competitors of Huawei have recently been challenged to undergo the same regulatory scrutiny by allowing source code testing.
  • Key competitors for Huawei in Canada are Ericsson and Nokia, and these companies are the "top three vendors for radio gear in Canada and around the world."

Canadian Perceptions

  • There is an attitude of fear among Canadians that Huawei poses a national security risk because of its ties to the Chinese government.
  • Two-thirds of Canadians who were recently polled were also of the opinion that Huawei should be banned from 5G networks there.
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