Singapore: Innovation Landscape


Obtain a competitive landscape of the innovation consultancies and design space in Singapore for a proposed business expansion.

Early Findings


  • Most of Innosight's employees have studied in business schools.
  • Innosight provides consulting services that help leaders in formulating their future strategies and innnovation plans.
  • The company also helps in nurturing the innovation capabilities of organizations.
  • It also helps in exploring business opportunities, structuring new business models, and deploying impactful new ventures.
  • Clients of the company are mainly executives from various industries such as healthcare, aviation, retail, energy, finance, media, and others.
  • In Asia, the company operates in Singapore only.
  • Based on a client's feedback, Innosight can provide techniques to collaborate with customers to rapidly scale and transform their operations.
  • Innosight can also provide ways and advice on how companies can develop their operations and culture to enable continuous innovation.
  • Based on some reviews from employees, the company needs to improve on dealing with functional problems that came about after Huron's acquisition.
  • Another employee commented that professional development need to be handled more objectively.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided some information on the Innosight company. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose continuing with the research to provide 4-6 additional key competitors in the innovation consultancies and design space in Singapore. We will define the key competitors as those with more than ten employees, serve corporate clients, and have offerings similar to the Board of Innovation's offerings. For each competitor, we will provide the name, website, why it is a key competitor, and value proposition. We also recommend delivering a competitive analysis of the identified 4-6 major competitors that were identified above and the four given competitors (additional data on Innosight, Fjord, Accenture, and Whyinnovation!). For each competitor, we will provide a 1-2 sentence overview of the company, the background of their employees, types of service offerings, types of clients, neighboring countries where they operate, major strengths, and major weaknesses.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 5-7 insights on each of these questions: Are there unmet customer needs? Is there any customer segment that is not being served right now? How can the Board of Innovation company differentiate ourselves from others? How can the Board of Innovation company deliver a 10x better service to customers?