Research Outline

Technology that small and medium sizes law firms are using to source clients


  • Understand how small to mid-sized law firms are using technology to source both business and individual (consumer) clients.
  • Understand how law firms approach business development and sourcing individual clients and strategies they use.
  • Understand challenges firms face when marketing and selling to individuals.
  • Understand what services these intake systems integrate with.

Early Findings

In the time allotted and given the goals stated above, the best course of action would be to list out some solutions we were able to find that demonstrate the technology firms use which will include their marketing content.

While researching the services below the patterns that emerged where that firms emphasized:
  • Security
  • A human feeling
  • Significant ROI
  • Demonstrated use-cases
  • Establishing reputation through testimonials

Online directories & Self-serve Solutions

  • Legalinc has elements of self-serve marketed on their homepage. Using their dashboard, you can select a variety of different products and tools.

Marketing Solutions

Chat & Messaging Solutions

  • LegalSifter is not specifically AI geared toward initial contact with clients, it is however a good example of chatbots used in the legal industry and could provide some guidance as you think about building your product especially with respect to how it's marketed for security.
  • Lex Reception is not an AI chat bot but uses real people to service clients. It does however provide a good example UX of intake forms in a chat experience.
  • Back Office Betties is a virtual receptionist company which offers real people who are able to handle incoming calls, schedule appointments, phone your clients to relay messages and other services.
  • Legaler is a secure messaging and scheduling platform for video conferences with and between lawyers. They specifically call out their encryption and storage practices as being designed with legal work in mind.
  • Do Not Pay advertises itself as the world's first robot lawyer offering services like fighting parking tickets and automating parts of the small claims court experience.
  • Lisa also offers itself as the world's first robot lawyer and focuses on NDAs and property contract tools.


  • Billy Bot is UK based but has an interesting UX experience. This is a classroom project and while not strictly relevant might serve as inspiration for some aspect of your new service.