Research Outline

Write A Note Competitive Landscape


Provide a competitive analysis for "Write A Note" virtual volunteer solution. Determine the following:
  • Are there other nonprofits or companies offering similar virtual volunteer solutions? If so, who are they?
  • How do Write A Note features compare to theirs?
  • What does their offering/packaging look like?
  • How does their pricing compare to Write A Note
  • Is there a growing demand for solutions with features like custom site set up, vetting of the notes, printing, delivering, and a follow-up impact report and video?

Early Findings

Data Availability

The initial round of research indicates that data availability is adequate on this topic.



In our initial hour, we converted the provided excel template into a custom Google spreadsheet per our policy. In addition, we identified 3 competitors of Write A Note by analyzing companies with similar offerings and business metrics. After an exhaustive search of business databases, company reviews, media publications, and non-profit publications, we found that the market for corporate virtual volunteer solutions that specifically focus on digital note or letter writing is very niche and, therefore, time-consuming to provide accurate, credible data. Due to this, we provided the 3 competitors we were able to identify in the first hour and their website URLs.