Gain a competitor analysis of in order to make an investment decision

Early Findings

  • Last year announced the launch of their key feature, Assistant, which allows users to further increase their productivity via an AI driven tool that automates tasks for users.
  • The top 10 competitors of are Todoist, Wunderlist, Sunrise Atelier, Handle, Fetchnotes, Society of Grownups, Shifu, Week Calendar, Allthings and Grofers.
  • London based Todoist is considered the biggest competitor to, providing a similar software platform that allows users to capture and organize tasks. However, Todoist does not feature AI virtual assistance.
  • AI virtual assistants from larger well-known companies that aren’t considered the competitive set of’s Assistant but offer similar features include Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant

Proposed next steps:

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For 6 of the competitor companies listed, provide a spreadsheet with the following; Company name, year founded, funding & any notable investors, # employees, # of monthly/daily active users, growth rate, churn, names of founders, and any information on what makes them notable/previous experience (if selecting this option, please note which 6 competitor companies you'd like us to analyze)
Provide a report on 3-5 projected key trends in AI based virtual/personal assistants