Research Outline

Sales Lead


To obtain the contact information for the top executives in the companies provided.

Early Findings

In our preliminary research, we scanned though the list of companies provided to ascertain the availability of information. Some contact information for the first three companies has been entered in the attached spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

  • Our search for Core Pacific yielded various companies with the same name. We, therefore, provided details for Core Pacific Advisors, a real estate investment advisory firm. We can continue to skew towards advisory-related firms in the research phase of this project should we encounter multiple results for a company name.
  • Cunat Inc has not provided details about their executive team on their website. Additionally, the company does not maintain a company LinkedIn profile. We, therefore, used third-party company database websites, such as ZoomInfo, to obtain some contact details.
  • Our search for email addresses for the DWS Distributors' executive team yielded no results. There are, however, several verified emails addresses on their website for contact purposes, for instance,,,, and We can provide these emails in places where the top executive emails cannot be uncovered.
  • We can complete the research in requests of 6-7 companies. Below is our recommended research path.