Migros Company Analysis


To obtain information about Migros' recent activities, competitors, size, differentiators and innovative efforts to prepare for a sales call.

Early Findings


  • Migros' partners are located in the municipalities of Ramsen, Rebstein, Kaltbrunn, Bar Otium, Alterswil, Bière and Bitsch.
  • Migros Geneva recently (November 2019) made a strategic investment in B-Sharpe which is a fintech startup in Switzerland to provide a solution for challenges in the currency exchange market.
  • The B-Sharpe solution already has 13,000 clients located in Romandy and has been used process "over 1 billion Swiss Francs worth of transactions". Migros Geneva will provide the resources that B-Sharpe needs to continue developing its technology and gain brand visibility while also leveraging B-Sharpe's cutting-edge technology to serve their own clients.
  • In 2017, Migros invested in Advertima, while in 2018 and 2019 they invested in Innovopro and Paket Taxi, respectively.



  • Migros has more than 106,000 employees across 154 nations and it is both Switzerland's largest retailer and employer. It has 75,542 full time employees.
  • It is owned by over 2 million cooperative members and owns 32 industrial companies. It also has companies in the commercial, travel, and logistics industries and owns a bank, Migros Bank.
  • In 2018, Migros had CHF 651 million earnings before interest and taxes and had 22.1% of the market share.


  • Annually, Migros provides sponsorships to not less than 100 events in Switzerland in areas such as wrestling, fun runs and festivals.
  • Since 2014, it has developed a trick-taking game called Generationen-Jass, which already has 2531 enthusiasts.

Proposed next steps:

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Our background research showed that information about Migros' recent activities, competitors, size, differentiators and innovative efforts is publicly available. We recommend continuing our research to provide a deeper dive in: 1) a company analysis of Migros to include company growth, target market or audience, key clients, and mergers and acquisitions in the past 3 years and 2) provide an overview of Migros' competitive landscape by including a brief description of the company's marketing efforts and channels, value proposition, differentiators, competitive advantage (e.g. partnerships with startups, partnerships with innovation services), brand positioning and messaging.
Additionally, we propose further research to identify 3 of Migros' top competitors. For each, we will provide one: the name, Two: the website link, Three: why it was chosen as a top, and Four: a description of the company