Benefits Packages


The goal is to find out what small, medium, and large marketing or PR companies offer in terms of benefits packages for their employees.

Early Findings

  • Small businesses often use an employer-funded, employee-selected benefits system where the employer budgets a certain amount for each employee and they choose their personalized benefits with that budget using a software program or online site.
  • Customized benefits packages have been shown to produce happier, more productive employees.
  • Epsilon is a large marketing company, with over 8,000 employees. They received 3.8 stars in terms of being a good place to work on Glassdoor. Their top-rated benefits include 401K plans and "unlimited paid time-off". They did have low ratings on health insurance due to offering plans with high-deductibles and not matching HSAs very well.
  • TUNE, a small marketing company with 350 employees, offers very good benefit packages with unusual perks that has employees "singing praises". Benefits include great health insurance, in-house restaurants with free lunch for employees, free coffee and snacks, all of which is available to employees right when they start their employment.
  • AimClear, a digital marketing agency, has a vast array of physical health benefits for its employees. Examples include standing and treadmill desks, health challenges with rewards, access to the Mayo Clinic, and gym membership reimbursements.

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