Expert Marketplaces


To find online marketplaces for white-collar level workers.

Early Findings

  • There are online marketplaces that cater to a more 'expert' level of experience or job type. These are in addition to conventional marketplaces where professionals do also offer their services to a broader audience.
  • Some more professional-level marketplaces are Toptal, Clarity, Maven, OnSite, and Guru.
  • There are also marketplaces focused on a certain industry or job role.
  • For example, Bluerang is exclusively for top IT talent, DesignCloud is for designers, Coding Ninjas is for programmers, Dribbble is for designers, is for engineers, Envato Studio is for creatives & developers and CAD Crowd is for designers.
  • Contently focuses on writers, photographers and designers.
  • LocalSolo is a marketplace with a local focus. This company connects companies with local expert freelancers.
  • Fiverr also has a Pro version of its marketplace for those looking for top-level, curated talent.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research uncovered several relevant 'expert'-level online marketplaces for consideration. Some of these are general to several job types, whereas others are specifically catered to fulfilling a certain demand. We propose continuing this research to find 10 more expert-level online marketplaces.
Alternatively, we could begin to explore the 5 marketplaces found in the Early Findings - Toptal, Clarity, Maven, OnSite, Fiverr Pro and Guru - and compose a competitive landscape of each company. We could look at a company overview, target market, competitive advantage(s), number of freelancers, number of customers and pricing structure for each company.