Research Outline

VCs Investing in HR Teck or B2B SaaS


To build a list of venture capital (VC) funds investing in pre-seed/seed bridge to series A in B2B SaaS or HR Tech and with typical investment deal sizes of $25,000 - $200,000. For each partner, include details of their names, email, a brief description of the partner, their LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

Early Findings

Angel Invest

Founders Factory

  • Founders Factory claims to be the world's leading startup accelerator and venture studio.
  • The VC fund was started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox, and focuses on investing in B2B SaaS companies solving global problems using technology.
  • Brent Hoberman LinkedIn profile is available here and his twitter profile here.
  • Founders Factory typical deal size is estimated at about $250,000.

Summary of Findings

Initial research shows that there are not so many VCs providing funding of €25,000 to €200,000 as many VCs prefer to make investments beyond one million Euros or dollars. In this regard, if the range can be expanded up to 500,000, then more examples of VCs backing SaaS companies can be uncovered.