Antimicrobial Coating for Stainless Steel


The goal is to find companies that manufacture antimicrobial coating for stainless steel that is invisible in the US and Israel.

Early Findings

  • Though it doesn't specify whether or not it is invisible, EonCoat makes antimicrobial coating for stainless steel that is lab tested and reduces bacteria by 99.9%.
  • EonCoat is manufacturered in Raleigh, North Carolina and the company can be contacted by phone at 754-222-4919.
  • AK Steel manufactures Agion Antimicrobial Steel Coating. The coating is typically used in HVAC settings to reduce the chance of mold growth.
  • AK Steel is located in West Chester, Ohio and they can be contacted by phone at 844-783-3599.
  • INOX recently created antimicrobial coating for residential and commercial use on things like door handles and push/pull plates. It is a powder coating that contains silver ions that "attach themselves to a microbe's cellular enzyme to inhibit the growth of the microbe".
  • We were unable to find a direct contact to INOX headquarters, possibly because there is another company called INOX that makes films and media. We did find a direct dealer that can answer questions about the product: Unison Hardware. They can be contacted by phone at 916-388-1888.
  • NitroPep is a UK company that is partnering with the University of Birmingham to produce antimicrobial coatings for stainless steel in hospitals. Their coating kills 99.9% of bacteria in five minutes.
  • NitroPep can be contacted at


We were able to find a few companies in the US that manufacture antimicrobial coating for stainless steel, however, many of the results we found were outside of the US. This is why we have included one company from the UK. While each manufacturer seems to be very transparent about how they make their coating, and what tests have been performed on it, we did not find any that specify if it is completely invisible. We assume that this information must be obtained by talking to the company directly.

Proposed next steps:

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