Research Outline

Carbon Footprint Tracking


To inform a project by determining the carbon footprint associated with the usage of $100 worth of gas, and the cost of remedying such footprint. An ideal response will include the methodology of footprint and offset cost determination/calculation.

Early Findings

Carbon Footprint Data

  • According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 8,887 grams of Co2 is produced from a single gallon of gas (formally known as gasoline). This equates to 0.00887 metric tonnes of Co2 per gallon of gas.
  • More simply, 1 gallon of gas produces about 8,700 grams of Co2.
  • According to data from Global Petrol Prices, the average price of gas in the US over the last four months is $2.956 per gallon.
  • According to data from CoolEffect, an NGO that works to build carbon offset projects, offsetting a ton of Co2 costs between $3 and $13.


  • $100 worth of gas will be equal to ($100 / $2.956 per gallon) = 33.829 gallons.
  • Since 1 gallon of gas produces 8700 grams of Co2, 33.829 gallons will produce 33.829 * 8,700 grams = 294,312.3 grams of Co2, or about 0.294 tonnes of Co2.
  • The cost of offsetting 0.294 tonnes of Co2 ranges from $(0.294 * 3) to $(0.294 * 13) =$0.882 to $3.822.


  • The carbon footprint of $100 worth of gas is about 0.294 tonnes.
  • The cost of offsetting the carbon footprint of $100 worth of gas (0.294 tonnes) ranges from under $1 to about $4.
  • The research team leveraged credible and publicly available data and made reasonable mathematical approximations to arrive at the answer above.
  • The geographical focus for this research was the US. If a different focus is required, please indicate this in any further correspondence.
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