Research Outline

Plastic Surgeon Demographics


Build a demographic profile that includes age, gender, income, and location of plastic surgeons who own cosmetic practices in the U.S. This information will be used to create a go-to marketing strategy for a tech startup aimed at helping plastic surgeons. In the case that this data cannot be identified for plastic surgeons that own cosmetic practices, an expansion to all plastic surgeons is permissible.

Early Findings

  • In 2019, a total of 6,292,694 (35%) cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in offices, 7,332,738 (40%) were performed in free-standing ambulatory surgical facilities, and 4,553,896 (25%) were performed in hospitals.
  • On average, surgeons in the U.S. charge about $4,000 for a breast augmentation surgery, regardless of where it is conducted.
  • The average plastic surgeon in the U.S. earns an annual income of $501,000 via salary.
  • Plastic surgeons with an Asian background are more often men than women, but white plastic surgeons are more commonly women than men.
  • Self-employed plastic surgeons make approximately $18,000 more per year than plastic surgeons employed via a hospital or other health facility.