Early Tech Adopters


To provide a demographic analysis of early tech adopters in the US, specifically focusing on their geographic locations, age range, income, and gender.

Early Findings

  • A significant proportion of Americans consider themselves early tech adopters, and about 28 percent of Americans believe they are strong early adopters of technology products.
  • In addition, about 15 percent of Americans look forward to trying new products before others.
  • Young adults are more open to trying new tech products compared to the older population. According to a study published by Pew Research, 31 percent of individuals between the ages of 30 - 49 prefer to be early technology adopters, compared to only 21 percent of individuals aged 65 and above who consider doing the same.
  • Further review of the data indicates that the rate of early tech adoption in the US typically rises with income. About 39 percent of individuals who consider themselves "early tech adopters" possess a total household income of $150,000 and above. This rate is much lower for individuals from middle or low-income households.
  • When it comes to gender, men are more likely to be early tech adopters compared to women. The difference, however, is minimal, as about 30 percent of men and 26 percent of women consider themselves early tech adopters.

Additional Findings

  • Millennial parents are also seen to be early tech adopters compared to their non-parent counterparts. According to a recent survey by Fullscreen, millennial parents are 9 percent more likely to say they are the first of their friends to try new products and are 2.5 times more likely than non-parent Millennials to own emerging technology products.
  • In addition, millennial fathers were found to be more likely than millennial mothers to own new technology. One reason for this trend is because fathers are more likely than moms to use a voice assistant for to-do lists, to help with household chores, and to add events to their calendar.

Summary of Findings

In our initial hour of research, we were able to provide relevant insights regarding the age, gender, and household income of early tech adopters in the US. However, we were unable to identify any information on the geolocation of early tech adopters due to time constraints.

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