Dairy Queen Demographics


Gain an understanding of the primary demographic of people who purchase food at Dairy Queen, in order to better determine why people are fans of Dairy Queen over similar restaurants like McDonald's

Early Findings

  • The age range of Dairy Queen customers is broad, with similar amounts of people across all age brackets shopping at the restaurant.
  • 24% of 18-24 year olds visited Dairy Queen in 2018.
  • Dairy Queen customers tended to be slightly more likely to visit the restaurant on weekends.
  • Consumers in the $20-60K income bracket were most likely to go to Dairy Queen. However, lower and higher income brackets also frequented the restaurant.
  • Slightly more consumers with children visited Dairy Queen, compared to those without children.
  • Because Dairy Queen tends to have slightly higher prices than McDonald's or Burger King, patrons of the restaurant are more likely to identify as 'fans' of the brand not just customers.

Research proposal:

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