Research Outline

Buyer Demographics: Gift Wrapping Paper, Bags, Tissue Paper


To understand the demographic profile of gift wrapping paper, bags, and tissue paper buyers globally.

Early Findings

1. Tissue Paper

  • The demographics of tissue paper buyers globally can be found in a paid report of the “Tissue market report”. The report includes different tissue paper products like facial tissue, paper towel, wipes, bath & toilet tissue, and others.
  • The major target market for printed tissue papers is the premium customers with higher disposable income.
  • Females use more facial tissue products as compared to males, as they prefer better hygiene and personal care.
  • Females are also inclined towards buying new and trendy products in the tissue paper segment.

2. Gift Wrapping Paper

  • The demographic profile of gift wrapping paper buyers in the United States can be found in the paid report published by Research And Markets.
  • The North American and European regions are currently the biggest markets for the gift wrapping paper industry, due to their superior standard of living and high per capita income, as compared with any other regions across the globe.
  • The market for gift wrapping papers in China and India is forecasted to witness stronger growth due to the rising disposable incomes as well as an increase in consumer spending in these regions.

3. Bags

  • There are different types of bags, which include handbags, hobo bags, tote bags, duffle bags, among others.
  • According to the global handbags market report, the majority of handbags consumers fall in the age group of 15-64 years.
  • Females are major consumers of handbags globally, and there is also an increased demand for handbags among working women.
  • Females are the main consumers of tote bags, and the market for tote bags is expected to witness growth owing to the preference of buying trending fashionable bags for carrying beauty and makeup products by females.