Purchasing Habits of Pregnant Consumers


To sharpen insights about marketing to pregnant consumers by determining their purchasing habits (for nausea products and belly balms) and understanding their breastfeeding plans during pregnancy vs after delivery.

Early Findings

  • Pregnant women are filled with doubt (and may value reassurances). A study reported in Globe Newswire showed 84% of women “admit to doubting their health choices during pregnancy.” Most doubts centered around what they ate, cleaning supplies, and skincare.
  • The CDC reports that of the 4 million babies born in 2015, 83.2% started out breastfeeding; 57.6% were still breastfeeding at 6 months.
  • It appears that some pregnancy influencers are often women that were already influencers (say for fashion or beauty) before becoming pregnant. "Influencers of all types are using their clout to redefine what it means to be a mother today."
  • Some of the best pregnancy blogs for 2019 include Rookie Moms, Motherly, Mama Natural, Mother Rising, Plus Size Birth, Pregnant Chicken, CafeMom, Alpha Mom, The Bump, and many others. Some of the bloggers are also prominent on social media (e.g., Mama Natural is also a YouTuber with 342,000 subscribers).
  • Top mom influencers (who often vlogged their pregnancies) include Rach Loves, GabeBabe, Brit & Baby, and Hollie.

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