Research Outline

Inner-City Travel Market: North America


Identify the market size of inner-city travel in North America (US and Canada) as well as a breakdown by travel route and by travel mode. Breakdowns should be (1) Total market size for the United States and Canada together (North America), (2) Market size for each major city in both countries with a breakdown by mode of transport, and (3) market size for bus, train, domestic flights, one-way car rentals, and carpool ridesharing in North America. Market Size should be in the volume of trips (number of rides)

Early Findings

The United States

  • In 2019, there were a total of 2.3 billion domestic person-trips in the United States with year-over-year growth of 1.7%.
  • Breakdown by purpose:
  • In 2019, the domestic travel market was valued at $972.0 billion with 17% of that revenue from auto transportation and 20% from public transportation.


Canada Breakdown By Mode of Travel

Top 10 Major Cities: United States

Additional Major Cities: United States

Top 12 Major Cities: Canada


  • In our initial search, we were able to find the Canadian travel database and the United States travel database. While these databases both provided national statistics, they did not provide statistics by city. We believe that findings the statistics per city will be more extensive as we will be breaking down each city by mode of transportation specifically focused on public transportation and ride-sharing.