Research Proposal

Innovation Workshops


To research on innovation workshops. Specific insights include:
1. Methods used in innovation workshops.
2. Facilitators in workshops (external or internal) with rationale.
3. Companies that use innovation workshops (Including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100).
4. Statistics surrounding successful or popular innovative workshops.
5. Predictions about the future of innovation workshops.

This research will inform a white paper about the most popular innovation workshop methods.

Early Findings

A Successful Innovation Consulting Company

1. GIANT Innovation

  • GIANT Innovation is an innovation company that helps large organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to become world-class innovators, think, and act differently in the 21st century.
  • The company has had experience in the delivery of hundreds of innovation workshops to leading organizations from all sectors. These may be single-day online or in-person workshops or multi-month programs that are geared towards helping organizations gain the inspiration, tools, and education that they need to work faster and smarter.
  • GIANT Innovation has impacted large companies such as Walmart, World Bank, Fidelity, Siemens, and ExxonMobil. This also includes multinational companies, major universities, and global organizations.
  • GIANT Innovation has conducted many workshops that follow a detailed format, using different methods and approaches depending on the duration.
  • For example, a corporate innovation workshop help in New York from September 17 to September 18, 2019, was conducted by internal and external facilitators.
  • The method followed in a GIANT Innovation workshop is as follows:

Summary of Early Findings

  • Our first hour of research has identified GIANT Innovation as a large innovation company that delivers innovation workshops and provided a limited overview of the methods used in its workshops because of the time constraint. We determined that the requested information is publicly available.
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