Research Outline

Thermador and Viking Ranges Product Reviews


To provide a summary of the product reviews on these two appliances: Thermador Range Model PRD606WCSG and Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS. The ideal response would include:
  • Summary of product reviews, especially on usability and reliability
  • Common problems encountered by customers, especially with regard to getting an error message and how they mitigate it

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial hour of research reveals that product reviews on the Thermador Range Model PRD606WCSG have been extremely limited. Almost all e-commerce sites that sell this appliance don't have product reviews. Only one site has a review, and the number of reviews on that site is just one.
  • On the other hand, the Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS has numerous product reviews. Although only one e-commerce site has product reviews for this particular model, the number of reviews on this site is sufficient. The site has 735 reviews for this product.

Thermador Range Model PRD606WCSG

Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS

  • The Appliances Connection site has a total of 735 product reviews for Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS. Out of these 735 reviews, the average rating is 4.2 out of 5. This rating comprises three categories: Ease of Use, Meet Expectations, and Overall Value.
  • This product has features that are easy to understand. A reviewer who gave the product a 4-star rating said, "Bought this for our new house and have cooked many delicious meals. Cooks evenly and very easy to understand all the features. The adjustable flames for the burners make cooking so much easier."
  • The product is also liked for its appearance and efficiency. A reviewer who gave a 5-star rating said, " My wife likes the ease with which it heats up and lets her cook as quickly or slowly as she wants to. Overall, great stove, and it looks amazing in my kitchen." Another reviewer who gave a 4-star rating said, "This stove cook at just right temperature and everything comes out just right, no matter what you cook. This Viking Gas range is not only attractive but very efficient."
  • The product "doesn't get hot on the outside" so it's safe when children are around. A reviewer who also gave a 4-star rating said, "I love it works wonderfully. What I love best about it is that I don't have to worry about the kids touching the oven when it's on! It doesn't get hot on the outside."

Summary of Early Findings

  • We have provided some reviews on the Thermador Range Model PRD606WCSG and Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS. The initial hour of research was also spent checking for the availability of product reviews on multiple e-commerce and review sites.
  • We were not able to provide the problems encountered with the product as we did not have enough time to read all 735 reviews for the Viking Range Model VGR5606GQSS. However, we can do so with additional hours of research.
  • The initial hour of research reveals that Consumer Affairs has reviews for Thermador Ovens (has 75 reviews) in general and Viking Ranges (has 164 reviews) in general. The reviews are not specific to a particular model but with the lack of product reviews for the Thermador Range Model PRD606WCSG, we think that having a summary of the general product reviews for Thermador Ovens might prove beneficial.
  • The geographic focus was not provided so we assumed a global view. The e-commerce and review sites we scanned have not been limited to a particular location.