Commercial Real Estate Analysts


To determine the salary an average value per project for commercial real estate analysts.

Early Findings

While information for the overall real estate market is readily available, we were not able to find much information about the commercial real estate analysts, other than their average salary. We looked through several industry publications, the BLS, and media reports but we were not able to find anything specific to commercial real estate analysts.
  • According to The analyst handbook, CRE analysts are usually recently-graduated students that aspire to become agents.
  • Their main task is to help provide support to senior team members in preparing and creating the documents they need for closing a deal.
  • Their average annual salary is between $60,000 and $67,000.
  • In order to find the number of requests CRE analysts underwrite in a year we tried to find the number of total deals CRE companies handle each year and the number of CRE analysts in the US. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the specific number of CRE deals that were completed in 2019 nor the total number of CRE analysts that are currently employed in the US.
  • The BLS does have several report for the real estate industry and does contain a section for appraisers and assessors, which seem to have a similar role CRE analysts but it wasn't mentioned what percent of those actually work in commercial real estate.
  • There were 80,100 appraisers and accessors in the US in 2018.

Proposed next steps:

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